QSR Automations, a leading provider of kitchen automation, guest management, off-premises technology, and predictive analytics, announced the launch of the ConnectSmart Platform. This move strengthens and simplifies company and product offerings.

The platform effectively combines QSR Automations’ software suite into a single platform:

ConnectSmart Kitchen, industry-leading kitchen display system

ConnectSmart Go, an off-premise order management system

ConnectSmart Host (formerly DineTime), a guest experience, reservation and table management solution

ConnectSmart Insights, a business intelligence tool

ConnectSmart ControlPoint, hardware management software

ConnectSmart Recipes (formerly TeamAssist), a kitchen-integrated recipe viewer

By connecting the back end and integrating these solutions into one operational platform, operators can work with a solution that shares data from all its components and make holistic restaurant decisions in real-time. Flexible APIs and robust integrations allow operators to tailor the platform to their specific needs and focus on what’s most important — the guest experience.

“Removing the barriers between products on the back end to create the ConnectSmart Platform architecture demonstrates how our software has advanced from individual product offerings to a connected operational platform. This move is a logical progression based on an industry that’s progressing just as rapidly. The pandemic accelerated what we already knew, connectivity and operational data are paramount for operational success. The platform will allow providers to make strategic, data-driven decisions that will ultimately deliver tailored guest experiences for their diners,” says QSR Automations Founder and CEO Lee Leet.

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