QSR Automations and Long Range Systems (LRS) have partnered to integrate LRS’ paging and tracking technologies with QSR Automations’ kitchen management solutions. This partnership has removed the need for separate applications, creating a more seamless restaurant experience for staff members and guests.

As a result of QSR Automations and LRS’ integration, restaurant operators can now both page or locate guests directly from their QSR Automations kitchen display system (KDS). LRS guest pagers are used to alert customers when their food or table is ready, whereas LRS’ Table Tracker is more than just a pager; it tells staff where the guest is seated. With LRS and QSR Automations integrated, restaurants can streamline their operations and save time behind the scenes.

LRS’ open architecture allowed QSR Automations ConnectSmart Kitchen to be able to locally coordinate with APIs that reside within LRS hubs that control location tracking and paging. As a result, guest pagers can be triggered and Table Tracker is able to update the table number directly from the KDS screen.

“We believe that our customers will be excited to hear about our partnership with QSR Automations. The hardware and software solutions that LRS and QSR produce address separate needs in a restaurant or business, but are driven toward the same goal: to increase efficiency, boost staff productivity, and create a better guest experience. These solutions are all the more powerful and easier to use when integrated,” says John Weber, president & CEO, LRS.

“One of our goals at QSR Automations is to provide additional solutions that complement our software for our customers. Through our partnership with LRS, we can facilitate more convenience for our customers by simplifying the table location process and increase kitchen efficiencies in one centralized location,” said Jennifer Karpinsky, Director of Partnerships at QSR Automations. “We look forward to continuing to offer solutions through partnerships that provide the best guest experience for diners.”