QSR announced the fifth installment of its popular new webinar series, “QSR Considers.”

Titled “What to Know About Franchising Post-Pandemic,” the webinar will discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has permanently altered the franchising landscape. Once again moderated by QSR editor Sam Oches, the panel conversation will feature three representatives from QSR‘s recent “Best Franchise Deals” report: Charles Watson, CEO of Tropical Smoothie Cafe; Sam Rothschild, COO of Slim Chickens; and Jim Thompson, COO of Chicken Salad Chick.

“The coronavirus pandemic has made the partnership between franchisees and franchisors more critical than ever before as each side looks to the other for support through the crisis,” Oches says. “And as restaurant franchises continue to evolve from all of the challenges thrown their way by the pandemic, they’re learning best practices that should make them stronger in the long run. We’re going to share some of those best practices from some of the best franchisors in the business.”

The “QSR Considers” webinar series features panel conversations with industry experts covering a variety of pandemic-related topics. Each panel will provide some practical advice for operators looking to boost their sales, expand their reach, and fortify their team through the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

“Restaurant professionals today need as much information as possible to help them through this season, and practical tips and strategies are especially valuable for keeping the lights on, keeping your team employed, and providing a great experience for your customers,” Oches says. “We’re all in this together as an industry, and we can all lend a hand to each other by sharing our unique perspectives.”

The “What to Know About Franchising Post-Pandemic” webinar will run on Tuesday, July 28, at 2 p.m. ESTTo register for that program, click here.

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