Technology is an integral part of the quick-service restaurant business, and QSR magazine seeks to honor those who are making the most of it with the Applied Technology Awards, a program designed to encourage, support, and reward unique technological innovations.

Rather than recognizing technology for technology’s sake, QSR editor Sherri Daye Scott says the intent is to honor technologies that are making significant contributions to efficiency and customer service at the store level. These innovations must be unique to a specific chain or supplier or serve an exclusive function within a chain’s operations.

Entries may be submitted by any restaurant chain of five or more units, at least half of which must be actively using the product, or any supplier/manufacturer that serves at least half of a chain of five or more units. This is the first time suppliers have been able to submit entries for the program.

The awards are open to proprietary technologies, as well as universally available technological products and systems that are fully integrated and adapted to proprietary operations. In the case of universally available products and systems, use must be uniquely identifiable and profitable.

Three categories are available: Operations Innovation, Consumer Convenience, and the Endurance Award (affectionately known as “Oldies but Goodies”).

Judging criteria will take into account quantifiable increases in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and traffic flow; integration into existing systems/operations; ease and frequency of use; and degree of innovation.

Entries are due by March 31, 2008, with results published in the July 2008 issue of QSR.

For more information and to submit an entry, visit

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