A foodborne illness outbreak can cost a quick-service restaurant anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars in lost revenue, lawsuits, legal fees, fines, and more. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put a magnifying glass on food safety practices, forcing restaurant owners to be even more proactive about their processes. In order to assist in establishing holistic solutions that integrate health status monitoring, QsrSoft—a software as a service vendor—provides an ecosystem of solutions to help restaurant management teams support their daily administrative roles critical to the operation and profitability of their business. For this essential service, QsrSoft has been named a top food safety solution provider for 2021 by Food & Beverage Technology Review.

A customer first culture and providing solutions that that help our clients run great restaurants is at the core of what we do here at QsrSoft,” says Tim Burge, QsrSoft CEO

Founded in 2004, QsrSoft began its journey with an emphasis on data and analytics and has continued to expand the scope of its products to the quick-service restaurant industry. The latest addition to the QsrSoft suite of products is QsrSoft Forms with Digital Food Safety which provides visibility to restaurant owners by allowing them to monitor their food safety routings across all units. A singular dashboard in the mobile app allows clients to monitor activities like discrepancies in safety routine, food safety-related issues that need to be corrected, and the time when any safety routine was completed. By eliminating the need for physical walks-ins and paper-based tracking, the application improves productivity, saves time, reduces labor hours, and simplifies the task of assuring food safety and hygiene.  The seamless integration with temperature sensing and monitoring devices streamlines the food safety process and increases accuracy.

QsrSoft’s customer support is perhaps its most critical cornerstone. A customer first culture is a core value in QsrSoft,” says Tim Burge, QsrSoft’s CEO. “We are always reachable by phone and keep personal interactions with our clients. We make sure that we have people on the support and product management side that understand their problems and can resolve them quickly.” This customer focus allows QsrSoft to quickly release new features and fix bugs in an agile manner.

As quick-service restaurants continue to ramp up for their patrons, food safety will continue to be foundational for continued success and trust-building. By implementing digital and automated solutions like the ones QsrSoft provides, restaurant owners can ensure they maintain safety while opening their doors a little bit wider to the public.

QsrSoft is a premier software as a service vendor, providing an ecosystem of software solutions to help our clients run their businesses and identify, measure and solve their operations and profitability opportunities.