Industry News | November 19, 2011

Quiznos in Ecuador Opens with Outdoor Seating

QSR International, the Master Franchisee for Quiznos in Latin America and the Caribbean, is pleased to announce its continued expansion into the South American region with the opening of its third restaurant in Ecuador.

This restaurant, located in City Mall in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is operated by QZ Delifastfood Ecuador S.A., and is the first of three units planned for Guayaquil.

“Quiznos has resonated in the Ecuador marketplace very quickly,” says Juan Jose Crespo, CEO of QZ Delifastfood. “We believe that the quality of our Quiznos product is the best to be found anywhere.”

The City Mall Quiznos offers indoor seating for 36 and seating for 20 on an outside second floor balcony overlooking the Mall.

QSR International is a 115-unit multi-brand Franchisee and Master Franchise Quick Service restaurant developer that conducts business in 14 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. QSR currently has 81 licensed Quiznos restaurants operating in these areas with an additional 18 units under development. QSR International has awarded and sold an additional 24 Quiznos franchises which, through development commitments, will open in the next few years.


Because in the US and Canada everyone knows that the vast majority of Quiznos franchisees lose their shirts, and rest are barely getting by. The worst part is that the chain is pretty much bankrupt, all because of the franchisor's extreme greed and incompetence managing a formerly premium brand.

There are only 2 kinds of folks in the restaurant business: happy ones and mad ones.Those who are happy are making money and those who are losing money are mad and like to blame everyone else for their failures. The Quiznos model is easy and works well when executed well. Good clean restaurants which control their inventories and treat the customer right are successful........a little local store marketing and community involvement go a long way to increasing sales. But for those lazy operators who are never in their stores (or worse, in their poorly run units doing nothing) keep blaming everyone else.

There are many franchises out there that you can criticise just the same! The profit margin is small in most QSRs, management of percentages is key! Quiznos Corp. is trying to help it's franchisees more today than ever, it's just a matter of time before they regain a good reputation.

We own a quiznos.were making money not as much as we used to, but the entire industry is struggling. if you really believe " it has nothing to do with the economy its quiznos thats the problem" then you should sell your store . Go talk to almost any small business owner they will tell you times are tough but they wont blame quiznos.

I am a current owner of a GREAT Quiznos. They do have a broken Business model, it just plain and simple DOES'NT WORK. You don't see our competors out "begging" for sales. Lack or should I say, misappropiation of advertising dollars is killing us. Add the new cost increases beginning on Dec. !st,good luck moving forward if like many, many of us, are struggling and ready to go out of business.We see the increases as another "money grab". They are the greediest company on earth and do NOTHING to support their franchisees, NOTHING. They refuse to return your phone calls if you have any problems whatsoever. They are going overseas now to deplete some poor saps funds until they can't take a paycheck like thiousnds of us since we opened!! Bernard Madoff is in Prison like Ricky(tricky) and DaDa should be too. This should be brought into the light of the major networks so justice can be served..

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