QSR International will open a Quiznos restaurant with drive-through service. Customers will now be able to enjoy Quiznos breakfast, lunch, and dinner items without having to park their cars. They can now use the new Quiznos drive-thru. This new restaurant is located near the municipal courthouse in Guadalupe, San José, Costa Rica.

The restaurant incorporates a new, high-efficiency, dual-sided sandwich preparation line that has been proven to reduce service times by 40 percent. This service line is the new standard for high- volume and drive-thru Quiznos restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the eighth unit operated by one of three of Costa Rica’s local Quiznos franchisees, Food Corp S.A. 

“We are very proud to be a Quiznos franchisee and are looking forward to running the first Quiznos drive-thru restaurant in Costa Rica,” says Manuel H. Rodríguez, managing partner for Food Corp S.A.

“We know that many of our customers and fans were anticipating a Quiznos Restaurant in this area. Pent-up demand and a recent market analysis helped us measure the level of opportunity and effectiveness for a drive-thru Quiznos in Guadalupe, San Jose, Costa Rica. This is a highly commercial and residential area with significant traffic and a large customer base,” saysPaola Tinoco, Quiznos brand manager.

This new restaurant measures 212 meters squared and has two floors and 74 seats. It also has the latest QSR International innovative design with the façade incorporating a contemporary design with modern curb appeal. The total investment for this project was more than $350,000.

This is the 29th Quiznos restaurant in Costa Rica and fifth Quiznos drive-thru in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

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