In hurricane-battered states like Florida and Alabama, residents are now left with the hard task of assessing damage and rebuilding their homes and businesses. Many businesses have experienced loss of customers and property damage, but local restaurant owners were hit particularly hard. Power outages have caused restaurant owners to throw away thousands of dollars worth of food because it could not be kept at the proper temperature.

At least one franchisor, Quiznos Sub, is offering financial help by giving $1,500 to each of its 115 franchisees who were affected by the hurricanes. In total, Quiznos is pouring over $170,000 back into Florida and Alabama businesses. In addition, Quiznos is paying for consulting services for each franchise owner to assist with various insurance claims.

“We realize that no single gesture can solve all the challenges after such a devastating experience,” said John Fitchett, EVP for Franchise Support at Quiznos. “Our hope is that this money will offer some relief as these stores reopen their doors for business.”

Fitchett and CEO Rick Schaden will be touring Quiznos restaurants in Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa Bay today and tomorrow.

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