In a year that has been chockfull of “WTF” moments, Quiznos aims to put a more positive spin on the emotion with a new holiday-inspired limited time offering, the Winter Turkey Feast (WTF) sandwich. The sandwich will be available in the brand’s US restaurants on November 3, 2020.

The sub is packed with the flavors of the season and served with fresh, high-quality ingredients sure to fulfill holiday cravings and make consumers wonder “Where This Feast” has been all their lives. The WTF sub features oven-roasted turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato, topped with Craisins dried cranberries and honey French dressing and served up on rosemary parmesan bread.

“2020 has leapt from one chaotic moment to another, but it is in these times that we most crave nostalgic flavor combinations and meaty, cheesy comfort food,” says Chef Mike Gieseman, Director of Culinary and Innovation for REGO Restaurant Group, which owns Quiznos. “The Winter Turkey Feast – or WTF – sandwich was a name selected for us earlier this fall by our passionate consumers in a down-to-the-wire social media poll. ‘We’re Thrilled our Favorite’ was selected as it highlights how a bit of humor and a delicious sandwich made with high-quality ingredients can go a long way to helping people recover from a WTF moment.”

Quiznos’ new WTF sandwich is only available for a limited time at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada, where it launches on November 3rd and October 6th, respectively. Consumers can also purchase most of these ingredients from Quiznos Market, serving up fresh in-house meats and cheeses by the pound, signature sauces, artisan bread and more.

In addition to dining in, which is increasingly an option in several states, Quiznos restaurants continue to remain open for takeout and delivery service through its website and via third party services. With local guidelines changing quickly, our restaurant hours of operation could change without notice. For more information on Quiznos products and promotions, fans of the sandwich chain should download the Toasty Points mobile app, where guests can earn and redeem points for free Quiznos menu items at participating locations.

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