Quiznos today introduced 200 calorie, flatbread SAMMIES, further expanding its low calorie menu. At $2 each, these 200-calorie sandwiches come in two flavors: Balsamic Chicken and Black Angus.

“Customers told us they don’t understand why they have to pay more to eat less. With 200 calorie SAMMIES at $2, customers’ wallets will be fatter than their mid-sections. We found a way to sell 200 calorie gourmet food, at less than the price of a gallon of gas, so you can eat like a king on today’s budget,” said Steve Provost, Quiznos Chief Marketing Officer.

“The growing trend of consumers demanding healthy and delicious foods away from home inspired our team to find creative solutions in our unique SAMMIE offering. Even though our new SAMMIES have only 200 calories, they are full of flavor, made with either Black Angus steak or premium chicken breast, Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette and romaine/tomato garnish on our soft, artisan flatbread,” said Zach Calkins, Quiznos Executive Chef.

The two new SAMMIES are offered alongside the existing SAMMIES menu and can be paired in a SAMMIES Meal, which includes two SAMMIES, one side and a regular fountain drink for a recommended price of $5.99.

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