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    Quiznos Opens First of Five Locations in Paraguay

  • Industry News October 3, 2012

    With the opening of the first of five planned Quiznos Sub restaurants in Paraguay, QSR International continues to expand into South America. The first Quiznos Sub restaurant in Paraguay opened on September 30, 2012, in the new "Shopping Pinedo" mall, located in Asuncion.

    Inside the newly-designed restaurant, customers will find the all new “Q Corner” – a new Quiznos Sub test concept offering dynamic drink and dessert items not previously available. This exciting new mall, which includes the latest in mall innovations, had an investment cost exceeding $20 million and is expected to be a state-of-the-art mall facility. The mall is located near the National University of Asuncion (UNA) which has an enrollment of over 41,000 students. The Quiznos Sub restaurant is located in the primary food court of the mall which has a seating capacity of 650. The Quiznos Sub restaurant, which is 124-square-meters, has an additional 24 private seats and will staff over 24 food service employees.
    The franchised restaurant is owned by Paraguay Food Corporation (PFC), a subsidiary of Premium Fast Foods Brazil (PFFB), which is well positioned in the Paraguayan and Brazilian business networks.
    “With PFC’s thorough knowledge of the Paraguay market place, we are confident in the future success of Quiznos Sub restaurants, in Paraguay. The brand is in great and skillful hands,” says Richard Eisenberg, president of QSR International. “The opening of Paraguay marks the fifteenth successful country opening for Quiznos Sub restaurants by QSR International,” Eisenberg continues.
    Through their partnership, QSR International and PFC are adapting the tastes of Quiznos to the Paraguayan culture to create the best tasting, highest quality sandwiches within the country. With a growing middle class and an expanding economy, Paraguay provides a fertile ground for the Quiznos Sub concept.
    “PFC looks to give the Paraguayan people exactly what they've been searching for: the best sandwich they've ever tasted,” says Jason Pont, director of PFC. “Quiznos is finally here and we aim to give the Paraguayan people not just value for their money, but QUALITY and FLAVOR for their money,” Pont concludes.