Industry News | August 26, 2011

Quiznos Owners Form Franchisee Association

Quiznos Restaurant franchise owners are pleased to formally announce the formation of the Quiznos Franchisee Association (QZFA). QZFA will provide Quiznos franchise owners a platform to advocate for improved profitability, transparency, and stronger franchisor-franchisee relationships in order to enrich the value of the Quiznos brand.  

“This is a pivotal time for Quiznos franchise owners; we now have an opportunity to unite on common issues and protect our investments for the future of our businesses,” says Michael Slater, vice president of the Quiznos Franchisee Association.   

QZFA is committed to providing a united voice for franchisees and needs members who are ready and willing to make positive contribution to the future of the brand. Quiznos franchise owners are eligible for QZFA membership.

“Membership in QZFA is essential for Quiznos franchise owners who desire to be profitable and have a voice in how their business is operating,” says Steve Bawden, executive director of Quiznos Franchisee Association.

The mission of QZFA is to build and promote an environment, which fosters productive collaboration to enhance the long-term value of the Quiznos brand, while growing franchisee revenue and profitability.

“By joining QZFA, we will be united for the first time in the history of Quiznos,” says Andre Bonyadian, franchise owner, Los Angeles. “We will have one voice and can make a difference in saving our investments and our future.”

QZFA board members are committed to uniting Quiznos franchise owners in order to achieve the mission of the association and ensure a sustainable future. The board members and leadership are:

  • Kevin Tackett, President
  • Michael Slater, Vice President
  • Keith Rentschler, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Robert Caldwell, Director
  • Andre Bonyadian, Director
  • Randy Hart, Director
  • Tushar Patel, Director  

QZFA will open for membership within the next few weeks. Franchisees will be able to join via a new website. QZFA will also be looking to connect with owners and operators through Twitter account (@QFranchisees) and Facebook.


If you're considering purchasing an existing Quiznos Franchise or a previously closed location , please contact me at [email protected]I'm a 7-year Quiznos franchisee veteran who owns the highest sales store in Greater Milwaukee, number two store in Southeastern Wisconsin, and a top 5 store in Wisconsin. Prior to owning this location I spent 22 years developing commercial real estate and had the foresight to get out prior to the bubble bursting.Quiznos has GREAT tasting products and a recognized brand but before you commit to any business venture you need to do your homework and know all the realities you're about to encounter.Sincerely,Scott Espeseth, OwnerQuiznos - New Berlin, Wisconsin

I used to own four Quiznos Sub shops. They are the biggest group of theives in the market. They only care about what they make with no regard for the franchisee. This will never change. That is why Quiznos was just voted America's worst franchise and are closing stores at a record pace. Run as fast as you can in the other direction.

Avoid Quiznos if you can. I had a horrible treatment from this company and lost all my investment. They have very little regards for investors and operators. They care about themselves. I am surprised why this corporation is still in operation. They should be put on trial for scams and frauds.

Go the other way, and keep going, unless you want to lose EVERYTHING!

Two ways to make some profits:1) Get rid of GroupOn. Corpoate makes decision at 10,000 foot level, expecting well educated people to come in and drive ticket cost up. These so called educated class is nothing but cheapies. Not only don't they not buy drinks, they ask for water cups and cry about paying $0.47 sales tax. This program is a complete giveaway at the expense of the poor Franchisee.2) Get rid of Pepper bar. This will save food as well as paper cost. Customers buy one sandwich for $5 and take away 6 cups of pickles, peppers and sauces. Customers pay for sandwiches and then attack the pepper bar, so it's difficult to charge and asking for money is not really a good practice.If I can hear some positive comments about these two complaints, I may just become a member and pay the annual membership dues.

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