Sandwich restaurant chain Quiznos crowned Joshua Peng of Seattle, Washington as the winner of The Great Quiznos Spring Break 2024 Road Trip Challenge. After visiting a staggering 42 Quiznos restaurants across five states and 4,700 miles, Peng will be awarded $5,000 for his loyalty and love for Quiznos.

Inspired by the huge distances people have driven to enjoy a Quiznos sub, the Quiznos Spring Break 2024 Road Trip Challenge Break was devised to reward the iconic sandwich brand’s most dedicated fans. The restaurant chain offered a huge cash prize to the fan that would visit the most restaurants, making sure to buy a sub at each one, between March 21st and April 30th.

“I had only originally planned to visit 10 Quiznos to get the special T-shirt, but once the ball was rolling, I found it hard to stop,” says Peng. “When I made it to the 20-plus visit mark, I realized I could have a real shot at winning. As I traveled across the country, I had the pleasure of meeting many of Quiznos’ amazing employees and staff. Along with eating their delicious subs, this cross-country trip one well worth taking.”

Peng visited the most restaurant locations among the 76 registered contestants, traveling 4,700 miles and stopping at a total of 42 Quiznos locations, across five states – Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada and Florida – making sure to enjoy a Quiznos sub at each one.

“We congratulate Joshua for not only winning The Great Quiznos Spring Break 2024 Road Trip Challenge, but for truly embodying the sense of community we try to foster at our restaurants nationwide,” said Sheila Zimmerman, VP of Marketing for REGO Restaurant Group, parent company of Quiznos. “Joshua made the astounding accomplishment of visiting roughly a third of our locations in the United States, we are proud to honor his dedication with the grand prize!”

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