Ramen King Keisuke has announced the launch of the flagship storefront of their fast-casual ramen restaurant chain opening throughout the United States. Led by the Ramen Champion of Tokyo, Chef Keisuke Takeda will serve his award-winning Tonkotsu Broth Ramen, which is regarded as the “Best” ramen in all of Japan.  

The secret to his world-famous ramen? The bone broth which is boiled for over 10 hours to ensure that the flavors are fully absorbed and melded together in the dish, resulting in a luscious, silky-smooth bowl of the most satisfying ramen soup. Bone broth delivers great nutritional value and is known as one of the world’s best sources of natural collagen.  Ramen King Keisuke will also serve its famous lobster broth ramen, a dish that has yet to be experienced by the American market and guarantees consumers a tastebud adventure. For vegan lovers, Chef Keisuke has created a distinctive potato and mushroom broth vegan ramen exclusively for this market. 

“This isn’t your college roommate’s typical ramen, but it is on his budget. For just $9.95, customers will be able to get the best ramen from Japan,” says Dolores Tay, the brand’s CEO. “Our mission is to serve authentic Japanese cuisine for value in an uber-efficient manner.”

Ramen King Keisuke spent over 2 years re-engineering the traditional ramen eatery to suit the American market by incorporating the newest technology and operating efficiencies to deliver the first “labor lite” eatery. Customers are greeted with an ordering kiosk to self-enter their selections and are served a piping hot bowl of delicious ramen within 5 minutes. Meanwhile, the soon-to-launch mobile app allows customers to order from their homes or office with just a few swipes. This comprehensive digitized approach ensures scalability for ambitious expansion while maintaining optimal food quality, especially during this tight labor market. “We saw a gap in the American market to create the first nationwide ramen brand in a category with no dominant leader,” says Ms. Tay. “We want to serve delicious, authentic Japanese ramen of the best value throughout all of America, introducing it to folks who have never tried it before.”

“The clean design language of our restaurant magically transports our customers across the pacific into the latest contemporary styled ramen eatery in Japan,” says Ms. Tay. “From our successful ramen restaurants in Singapore and Japan, we understand the importance of creating a modern aesthetic that fits with the Ramen King Keisuke brand and caters to our customer’s needs and creates an immersive, authentic dining experience for our guests.”

The first location is set to open on September 24th in Monterey Park, followed by Century City Westfield mall in early October. An additional 13 locations are set to open throughout the year at various locations, including Farmers Market at Fairfax, Marina Del Rey, Studio City, Torrance, Commerce, Anaheim, Brea, Westminster, Mission Viejo, Cabazon, Del Mar, Carlsbad and Mission Valley. Beginning in Southern California, Ramen King plans to expand throughout the United States in the near future.

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