Industry News | October 25, 2013

Rational Aims to Equip Professional Chefs

Professional chefs save time, money, and on top of that, produce superior cooking results with Rational accessories. The market leader’s versatile products are robust and fulfill almost all of the requirements of a professional kitchen.


A Rational cooking appliance replaces almost all of the traditional appliances in a professional kitchen. It can grill, steam, bake, roast, braise, poach, blanch, and much more. For professional chefs to fully utilize this versatility and their cooking appliance, Rational provides its customers with a wide range of accessories.


Rational accessories include granite-enamelled containers, roasting and baking pans, grill and pizza trays, muffin and timbale molds, and more. Anyone interested can find information on which accessories are used for which food products, and now 360-degree images are available for all items.


Almost all accessories are coated with TriLax, a non-stick coating developed especially for Rational. "TriLax ensures optimum heat transfer to the food, facilitates browning, is alkali-resistant, and is much better suited to use at high temperatures compared to conventional coatings," says Jessica Müller, product manager at Rational.


Rational accessories will even cook special products like pre-fried foods, grilled chicken and duck, or even whole lamb and suckling pig quickly and without problems. "We have customers who prepare up to 400 chicken legs in 45 minutes with a single cooking appliance," Müller says.

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