Chefs in commercial kitchens across the U.S. will welcome RATIONAL’s newest enhancements to their market-leading SelfCookingCenter line of combi ovens, which debuted today at a special event in Chicago. The next generation of RATIONAL’s units feature an impressive array of advanced technology features.

In addition, the company introduced a new, compact-size SelfCookingCenter XS Model 6 2/3, an important addition to their family of compact-size products, which also includes their XS Model 61.

“We are extremely proud of the newest advances to our SelfCookingCenter product line and the introduction of our XS Model 6 2/3. Like all of our offerings, they come with world-renowned RATIONAL CustomerCarePlus service,” says Markus Glueck, RATIONAL AG executive vice president for North America. “We are with our customers every step of the way as they purchase, install and use these units, with aftercare being of key importance to helping them achieve maximum benefit from this important kitchen partner.”

New XS Model 6 2/3 Unit is Small but Mighty

Keen interest is focused on the company’s new SelfCookingCenter XS Model 6 2/3 unit. At only 21.85 inches deep, 25.79 inches wide and 22.32 inches high, the XS Model 6 2/3 is the smallest unit in RATIONAL’s SelfCookingCenter compact unit family. The new small format cooking system opens the door to new business opportunities when it comes to target groups, such as delis, supermarkets, convenience stores or smaller restaurants.

The unit features an integrated fresh steam generator—the only unit in North America with this offering—and intelligent professional power. The 100 percent hygienic fresh steam guarantees maximum steam saturation, even at low temperatures. The steam generator is automatically descaled during the cleaning process, reducing the need for expensive water softening measures.

In addition to its small footprint and steam generator technology, the SelfCookingCenter XS Model 6 2/3 has innovative features that professional chefs have come to expect from RATIONAL:

The unit’s control panel is placed on the left side next to the door for ergonomic and technical reasons. This reduces the risk of injury from escaping steam during operation. At the same time, the electronics are protected from long-term damage caused by escaping steam.

Efficient CareControl, the automatic cleaning and descaling system.

Importantly, each unit comes with an accessory starter kit which includes two roasting and baking trays, three grids, four stainless steel containers in two different sizes and two perforated steel containers. Other accessories are available to purchase, including a diamond and grill grate for grilling vegetables, steaks or fish; and the Multibaker, which is ideal for fried eggs, omelets and hash browns.

“The new format opens up a whole new range of options for our American customers,” notes Glueck. “We are very proud to have developed – together with our physicists, engineers and chefs – a SelfCookingCenter of this size, which occupies a class of its own within the North American market. And, of course, we did not stop there, but enhanced our existing line as well.”

Next Generation Units Offer Advanced Features, Superior Speed and Efficiency

Faster and more efficient, the broader line of enhanced SelfCookingCenter units have numerous advanced features:

The completely new LED lighting provides optimal illumination of the cooking cabinet and of every single tray, from top to bottom and back to front.

Thanks to the energy consumption display, users will always know how much energy an individual cooking process requires and how much energy per day has been consumed. The data is visible on the display and can also be downloaded.

A blinking light signals which tray needs to be loaded or unloaded and when. This further simplifies the use of the SelfCookingCenter and provides even more support for kitchen staff to safely and quickly unload finished food.

“The new XS Model 6 2/3 and all of the enhancements to our complete line of SelfCookingCenter units exemplify the company’s deeply held belief that ‘Ideas Change the World,’” says Glueck. “They completely fulfill on RATIONAL’s promise to offer superior products and service—like our renowned aftercare programs —for maximum customer benefit.”

RATIONAL will be hosting additional events to introduce the new XS Model 6 2/3 and their next generation SelfCookingCenter line at 17 regional locations through November as part of their Think Big Tour 2016.

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