Industry News | June 17, 2013

RATIONAL Launches New KitchenManagement System

RATIONAL has launched new software into the market that allows chefs to monitor and control their cooking appliances from their desk – the RATIONAL KitchenManagement System.


Being there in person is a thing of the past – with the RATIONAL KitchenManagement System, cooking processes can be generated in seconds on a PC and automatically transferred to all connected units simultaneously. The best thing about this system is that chefs can even initiate, monitor, and control cooking processes from their PC. All you need is a Windows XP-compatible PC with a USB port and a network system connecting the units to the PC.


"With our KitchenManagement System, cooking processes can be modified quickly and easily from a PC for different branches, with up to 30 different units," explains Jessica Braun, product manager at RATIONAL. "This means that our customers can now organize weekly promotions, specialty days, and all of the occasions that require new processes, centrally, with minimal effort.”


In addition, HACCP data can be automatically transferred and displayed as tables or graphics on the PC at any time. "Using our intelligent cooking processes, our customers can view the current status of all units and know immediately what is being and has been produced," summarizes Braun.


A further benefit is that the KitchenManagement System does not require an IT expert to install and operate it. The software is installed on the PC very easily with a USB stick. In addition to the self-explanatory folder structure and detailed online help, an integrated virtual control panel allows chefs to view the same exact display on their PC monitor as on the unit, so they do not need to readjust to a new user interface.

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