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    Rational Makes Units For Traditional Chinese Cuisine

  • Industry News September 5, 2012

    Whether it is Chinatown in Chicago, San Francisco, or Toronto, steamed products, such as traditional steamed rice, Dim Sum, Buns, or special Chinese fish dishes (like Garoupa), are a major component on every Chinese menu. Maximum steam quantity and intensity are vital for their preparation. For this reason, all Rational units have a highly powerful steam generator. This steam capacity even allows different noodle dishes to be prepared, such as Chow Mein, making the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency superior to any traditional Chinese steamer.

    Also, other traditional cooking equipment can be replaced by the Rational unit, such as a rice cooker, BBQ oven, griddle, or duck oven. With the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency, the chef can roast, grill, bake, stew, or steam.

    From family-owned buffets to chains, thousands of Chinese cuisine restaurants operate within the U.S. every year. Chinese cuisine has become a popular choice among many Americans. A highlight of Chinese cuisine is the preparation of a roasted Peking Duck. With a typical Chinese Peking Duck, the skin has to be very crispy on the outside and browned perfectly even. At the same time, it is important that the duck meat is cooked to perfection. To be able to fulfill these requirements, the intelligent cooking process "Peking Duck" has been developed for the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency in cooperation with Chinese top chefs. The operator just has to push the “Peking Duck” button. No supervision or monitoring is necessary.

    In addition, the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency offers numerous intelligent cooking processes for typical Chinese dishes such as Fried Rice, Cantonese Chicken, Cantonese Duck, Sea Cucumber, etc.

    Rational SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency is the world market leader in thermal food preparation.