Just two weeks after announcing its acquisition by Area 15 Ventures, a private equity firm lead by Co-Founder of RE/MAX Dave Liniger, Port of Subs is officially staking its claim as a leader in the deli sandwich industry with a new development model and several growth initiatives in place.
Port of Subs is now actively seeking qualified franchise candidates to develop entire territories in 40 key markets across the country, with several regions already claimed by esteemed entrepreneurs. The Regional Developer Model offers eligible franchisees the opportunity to sign on for a territory, open and operate a flagship location within that region, solicit independent franchisees to develop their own locations within the territory, with all units applying to the development schedule. This model has been pivotal in the success of other Area 15 Ventures brands including Daddy’s Chicken Shack, which now has a dozen regional developers in place with 160 units in the pipeline. The emerging fast-casual restaurant was discovered by Dave Liniger and was recently featured on the cover of QSR Magazine.
Liniger intends to spread the Port of Subs brand as broadly as he has with RE/MAX, with approximately 9,000 franchise units in over 110 countries. “I believe this is a concept that has the potential to be big – I have every confidence that this development model is what will take Port of Subs on a global growth trajectory, and I can speak for the entire team when I say we are incredibly eager to move forward,” says Liniger. 
Following the brand’s acquisition and announcement of the new Regional Developer Model, existing Port of Subs franchisees are eager to participate in the opportunity. This includes long-time multi-unit franchisees Jay and Michael Taylor in Utah, who have been with the brand for over a decade.
“Port of Subs has been an amazing brand to grow with in the last 10 years, and we’re thrilled with the direction the brand is taking with this new regional developer model,” says Jay Taylor. “The idea of being able to take a leading role within new territories is definitely appealing as an operator and leaves so much room for potential growth, especially in a market like Salt Lake City. I’m confident this will be a major launching point for the brand and give us the means to serve more communities than ever before.”
Alongside the new development model, Port of Subs is focusing on innovation that will help streamline guest experiences and increase operational efficiency. This includes a revamped website, as well as a proprietary “restaurant in your hand” mobile app that provides franchisees with detailed performance data across the network in real-time.
“We’re thrilled with the momentum already in place for Port of Subs, and I’m confident that is something we’re only going to keep building upon,” says Adam Contos, CEO of Port of Subs. “It’s exciting to see the high-level interest come through, both from new candidates and existing operators with Port of Subs as we look to expand into new markets across the country. With the regional developer model having done so well for similar concepts, and increasing digital innovation being a huge priority for us, Port of Subs is positioned to have one of its best growth years yet.”
As “your neighborhood sandwich shop”, Port of Subs has been bringing people together since its early days. The story began when two brothers from New Jersey opened a modest submarine shop in Sparks, Nevada called the “Sub Shop”. Since John Larsen and his family bought the company in 1975, Port of Subs has become known for its mission to serve quality products through superior service by friendly, qualified people in a clean, appealing atmosphere. The made-fresh-to-order sandwiches are prepared while customers eagerly look on. The unique taste comes from freshly sliced, top-quality meats and cheeses, freshly baked breads, and zesty dressings and spices.
As Port of Subs looks to grow under new ownership, the brand is seeking qualified franchise partners who are well-capitalized and have a history within the restaurant industry

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