In a historic move within the food processing industry, Red Gold, LLC has announced that it has switched to cans containing no Bisphenol A (BPA) or Bisphenol S (BPS) chemicals for its line of tomato products intended for the foodservice industry. The announcement includes canned products within the company’s line of Redpack and Red Gold tomatoes and condiments, as well as Sacramento tomato juice.

“We have responded to concerns within the medical and regulatory communities and among some consumers about the use of BPA/BPS-lined cans in a very proactive manner,” says Red Gold’s Foodservice Marketing and Business Development Manager, Mark Wallace. “Red Gold is proud to be one of the first major providers of tomato products to the foodservice industry to switch to non-BPA/BPS cans and to offer non-GMO certified tomatoes. We are confident that this will give our customers even greater confidence in our products and provide Red Gold with a competitive edge over other tomato companies.”

In addition, ongoing concerns continue over genetically modified organisms within the country’s food supply. Red Gold responded by requiring its contracted tomato farmers to switch to the standards required of the Non-GMO Project to declare that food provided by a supplier can carry the Non-GMO Verified seal. The verification process includes ongoing testing of all ingredients being grown commercially, and Red Gold has met those standards.

“Red Gold is the largest privately owned and operated tomato supplier in the U.S. and our company is proud of its leadership in these matters of providing packaging and tomato products to address concerns within the foodservice industry,” Wallace says. “We believe that foodservice operators, and their customers, will appreciate the new packaging and product offerings from Red Gold.” The new BPA/BPS-free icon will be featured on can labels and is now being shared through foodservice distributors who carry Red Gold, Redpack, and Sacramento products.

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