Industry News | September 21, 2012

Red Mango Intros Pair of Fro-Yo Mashups

Delicious foods, when blended together, can create mind-blowing flavors, especially when frozen yogurt and decadent desserts are involved. 

This is why Red Mango, the No. 1 Zagat-rated frozen yogurt and smoothie chain in America, announced the launch of its new “Fro-Yo Mashups,” an innovative line of softly-swirled frozen desserts that are made by mashing up Red Mango all-natural, non-fat frozen yogurt and indulgent treats, like cookies and cupcakes.

Fro-Yo Mashups debut with two decadent flavors: the non-fat “Red Velvet No. 9,” which features the authentic flavor of real red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting; and the low-fat “Nutty Potion No. 9” made with Nutella, the highly addictive chocolate hazelnut spread.

Both proprietary creations are kosher, gluten-free, and formulated with Red Mango’s signature patented probiotics.

“Innovation and creativity are very important foundations for our brand,” says Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer of Red Mango. “I love to push the boundaries of frozen yogurt and flavors, which is how Fro-Yo Mashups was born. Red Velvet No. 9 and Nutty Potion No. 9 represent our passion for developing creative and uniquely delicious softly-swirled frozen desserts.”

Along with the launch of Fro-Yo Mashups, Red Mango also introduced its new Dream Shakes, which are decadent frozen-yogurt shakes best described as the “miraculous fusion of non-fat yogurt and indulgent desserts.”  

“If you love shakes, and if you love desserts, you’re really going to love our Dream Shakes,” Kim adds. The Dream Shakes will also debut in the Red Velvet No. 9 and Nutty Potion No. 9 flavors.

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