Industry News | July 14, 2014

Red Mango Launches Iced Coffee Platform

Red Mango launched its new Iced Coffee Collection, featuring artisanal cold-brewed coffee, as well as iced and frozen lattes. With the introduction of these products, Red Mango is indulging its existing audience with an appealing and unique alternative for a coffee lover’s daily fix.

“We all know the traditional way to prepare iced coffee is to first make hot coffee and then cool it down, and pour it over ice to serve,” says Red Mango founder Dan Kim. “Many times you’ll end up with a glass of diluted, watery iced coffee. To combat that, people brew coffee that is twice as strong, but it still has a bitter taste. We will be using a process that until now has typically been available only at local coffee houses: a cold-brew system. The coffee that is created, which is more of a concentrate and takes 8–12 hours to produce, has less acidity than hot brewed coffee. It’s actually the hot water that draws out the coffee bean’s oils causing the acidity, which is prevented with our method and makes for a smoother experience for our customers.”

American consumers spent on average $21.32 on coffee per week, according to data compiled by Statista, a statistics portal. Statista also reveals that when deciding where to purchase their preferred coffee, consumers rated the taste of the coffee as a key buying-factor.

“In understanding how important the taste of coffee is to American consumers, we made the key decision to use only roasted Lavazza beans, grinding them onsite at each store location, and utilizing this cold-brewing system,” says Jim Notarnicola, Red Mango’s vice president of marketing. “Across the United States, we will be the first large franchise organization to use this artisanal method.”

Red Mango will brew premium-roasted Lavazza Tierra coffee beans, which are a 100-percent Arabica product made using the green coffees exclusively from three small-scale coffee-growing communities in Columbia, Honduras, and Peru. The Tierra Project, developed by Lavazza, is a sustainable development project aimed at improving the living conditions of the coffee-growers through environmental, economic and social actions. Lavazza Tierra coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, indicating that it has been grown and harvested with environmentally and socially responsible practices. 

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