Red Mango Yogurt Café Smoothie & Juice Bar is ringing in the New Year with an expanded lineup of healthy products and the launch of a new one-day juice plan, Raw6.

Carefully crafted by Red Mango juicing experts and an accredited registered dietitian nutritionist with 20 years of experience in the field of health and nutrition, Raw6 is a one-day nutrition plan loaded with antioxidants that may help boost immune function, combat free radicals, and increase energy levels, in addition to providing nutrients needed for optimal health. Unlike juice cleanses or detoxes that can be detrimental to the body’s metabolism and blood sugar levels, Raw6 is a one-day plan comprised of a well-balanced combination of four juices, one nut or soy milk, and one enhanced flavored water, paired with recommend snacks and a well-balanced meal to help increase nutrient intake and improve overall health.

Raw6 includes: Raw6 Resist, packed with vitamin C; Raw6 Recharge, rich in iron; and Raw6 Revive, rich in magnesium. Each plan includes an assortment of six drinks, containing a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable juice combinations along with recommended healthy snacks and a light meal designed to ensure a balanced nutritional program. The plans retail for a suggested price of around $42 and will be sold in select Red Mango stores nationwide.

“I have always been very frustrated by the way juicing programs are marketed to consumers, especially when they involve dangerously long periods of fasting, little nutritional value, and false claims of biologic functions. Raw6, the Red Mango one-day juice plan, is a very unique way to do juicing, and follows Red Mango’s commitment to true health, quality taste, and style,” says Erika Bernhard RDN, LD, CDE, president, and founder of Crave Nutrition Solutions LLC. “I was pleased when Red Mango asked me to help them craft a plan that would offer consumers the most nutritional benefits without making them go a whole day without eating. We worked to design this one-day program to be very easy to follow for people who have wanted to try juicing but were deterred by the often unpleasant side effects of so called juice cleanses, detoxes, and fasts that have become so popular. Each Raw6 plan has been carefully designed to include the specific nutritional values of each juice, but also to incorporate healthy snacks and a meal to provide fiber, healthy fats, and a higher level of protein than most other competitors’ juicing programs.”

“Consumer demand for high quality, healthy snack, and meal options are continually growing as we all become more aware of what we put into our bodies,” says Jim Notarnicola, CMO for BRIX Holdings, the parent company for Red Mango. “Raw6, our new One-Day Juice Plan, joins our world-famous frozen yogurt and smoothies, giving guests a wider variety of all natural, made-to-order menu items created from quality ingredients to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Each Raw6 plan is specifically created to offer the best nutritional values to customers wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.”

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