Mohammad Mansour still remembers the summers he spent riding his bike to the Orland Park Mall for his first job in the food court while attending the local high school. Now the roles have reversed where Mansour is the business owner of several food concepts at the mall giving students their first jobs. And the newest addition to his restaurants is literally a real treat with the future opening of Smoothie Factory Juice Bar and Red Mango Yogurt Café in the Orland Park Mall food court in Illinois.

Growing up in Orland Park, Illinois, Mansour spent a good amount of time at the mall working through high school and college, building wonderful relationships with community members and business owners.

Today, Mansour has made it his passion after college to give back to the place he calls his second home. And this fall Mansour and his business partner and good friend Minwer Ballota will give back with the healthiest of offerings.

“We truly love this mall and all of the people here. We researched different frozen yogurt concepts for a long time as a way to offer more nutritious eating options. That is how we found out about the option of opening a Smoothie Factory and Red Mango,” Mansour says. “We want to offer our community, friends, and family better food choices and healthier snack alternatives to enjoy when shopping. Smoothie Factory Juice Bar and Red Mango Yogurt Café offer the perfect balance of healthy and satisfying menu items and will be a great addition to the mall.”

While helping encourage healthier eating options in the local community, Mansour is also cooking up a better way to give back to his hometown by teaching new generations the value of business. As part of a program he has developed with Sandburg High School, where he was a student, Mansour will offer jobs to local students to help build up their job experiences and business skills.

“At our other mall locations, this program has been a huge success. I enjoy watching the students learn and grow just like I did when I had my first job at this mall,” Mansour says. “This program is a great way for them to build up their résumés and college applications. I have built a wonderful relationship with the staff and students at Sandburg High School, and I cannot wait to watch this job experience program grow even more.”

Both concepts set to open in the fall will be located at a kiosk facing the mall food court. Smoothie Factory Juice Bar will offer made-to-order fresh fruit smoothies and fresh, cold-squeezed juices. Red Mango Yogurt Café will offer signature café salads and flatbread sandwiches under 500 calories, and award-winning Red Mango frozen yogurt in a variety of rotating flavors with a toppings bar.

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