Refrigerated Solutions Group (RSG), an industry leader in refrigerated equipment and service, will be exhibiting a wide array of products in a redesigned booth at the NAFEM Show in Orlando, Florida, February 1-3, 2023, in booth #3200.

Displayed under the Master-Bilt and Norlake brands, featured products include walk-in coolers and freezers, refrigeration systems, electronic controller systems, glass door merchandisers and ice cream cabinets.

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Master-Bilt and Norlake are featuring new Eco Package walk-ins combining coolers and freezers with self-contained refrigeration systems. These indoor walk-ins together with R290-equipped Capsule Pak ECOTM systems provide the most complete and sustainable cold storage solutions in many ways:

  • Capsule Pak ECO refrigeration systems have significantly reduced Global Warming Potential of 3
  • Walk-in panels foamed with polyurethane insulation provide highest R-value
  • Soft nose panel construction for an airtight fit between panels
  • LogiTemp electronic controller systems for precise control


In addition, these walk-ins are easy to install with refrigeration systems that are pre-charged with refrigerant and have cord-and-plug electrical connection. Plus, all models feature a 10-day lead time (not including shipping time).

Master-Bilt and Norlake are also displaying additional walk-in capabilities including refurbishment and custom options to fit applications ranging from c-stores to consultant specified projects. All these walk-in products are made in the USA and feature outstanding lead times.

Refrigeration Systems

Master-Bilt and Norlake manufacture their own refrigeration systems allowing them to offer complete solutions including quality walk-ins and systems. Examples of these systems on display at NAFEM include Capsule Pak and patent pending Capsule Pak ECOTM self-contained systems.

Capsule Pak and Capsule Pak ECO systems are designed for easy installation, easy service and maximum efficiency. System features include:

  • Flush mounted evaporator coil in the walk-in ceiling panel for maximum interior storage space
  • Standard LogiTemp electronic controller that increases refrigeration system reliability and food safety
  • Standard cord and plug eliminating the need for field electrical connection


LogiTemp Electronic Controller Systems

Master-Bilt and Norlake are also showing a demo of the LogiTemp electronic controller systems. LogiTemp systems allow users to track refrigeration system performance anywhere and anytime to make sure stored food items are safe. LogiTemp also reduces energy usage and installation costs compared to an all-mechanical system.

The NAFEM demo will also feature the LogiTemp Plus With Reverse Cycle Defrost option. The added reverse cycle defrost valve completely removes frost build-up in coils in as little as 1-1/2 to 2 minutes for maximum energy savings and protection from food spoilage.

Glass Door Merchandisers

Master-Bilt Endless merchandisers help retailers find the right solution for their needs with efficient installation, efficient operation and outstanding product display. Used as stand-alone cases or combined for a line-up of as many doors as needed, Endless models provide many advantages:

  • Exclusively larger pack-out area for additional facings
  • Deep shelving allows each model to hold more products and saves re-stocking time
  • Tall glass doors provide more viewing area than any other competitive standard height case


Ice Cream Cabinets & Display Freezers

Master-Bilt is exhibiting ice cream dipping cabinets and display freezers at the NAFEM Show. Dipping cabinets include traditional models as well as dipping-display merchandisers. Dipping cabinets include a wide range of sizes to accommodate as many flavors as needed. Dipping-display merchandisers show off all flavors and are ideal for front of house placement.

Display freezers are perfect for ice cream and frozen treat display. Designed for mobility, they are easily placed in high traffic areas to increase impulse purchases.