On June 5th, Reji, a leading provider of self-checkout systems in the USA, and Retail Robotics Solutions (RRS), a French startup specializing in AI-based solutions for restaurants and catering, announced a synergetic partnership. Their combination of solutions includes the highest standards and efficiency of AI recognition with the ability to fully manage self-checkout kiosks remotely, requiring zero staff involvement on-site. The companies aim to capture 10% of the $5 billion market.

“The synergy between RRS’s AI expertise and our global leadership in recognizing freshly cooked food, on one hand, and Reji’s turnkey support of self-checkout systems, on the other hand, will create unparalleled value for our clients, investors, and the industry as a whole.” said the CEO of RRS Dmitry Rodin. 

This collaboration combines Reji’s Viewport Platform and advanced PoS systems with RRS’s innovative Robot-Cashier technology to create a seamless, integrated solution for restaurants and catering:

  1. 100% autonomy in checkout at self-service restaurants and catering is achieved through the use of AI and remote controls in case of issues.
  2. The solution speeds up the checkout process by up to six times and provides sufficient budget savings.

“Set It and Forget It” — this is the new mantra circulating in the self-service restaurant segment, replacing traditional cashiers. Reji and RRS are bringing this concept to life. Their clients in Europe and America will no longer need staff to resolve food recognition issues, which now occur in fewer than 2% of transactions — thanks to cutting-edge AI-based technology.

In the event of an unusual situation, assistance can be summoned immediately and provided remotely. A human assistant, who has full remote access to the kiosk as would a regular employee in the checkout area, will appear on the terminal screen and resolve all arising issues.

This partnership represents a significant step toward setting new standards in automation and enhancing customer satisfaction in a market that impacts hundreds of millions of customers daily.

The market is developing: only the top four catering companies generate over $80 billion, and the worldwide potential supply of the solution exceeds one million units. The CEOs of Reji and RRS have agreed on an ambitious goal, planning to capture at least 10% of this annually growing market.

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