Report: User Generated Content Transforms Brand Engagement

    Industry News | September 16, 2014

    Dailybreak Media, the social engagement platform designed to drive brand participation and consumer action at scale, released the second batch of findings from its Dailybreak Brand Engagement Survey, an analysis soliciting consumer feedback on the ways they engage with brands. Survey results showed that consumers are eager to share brand experiences with friends through user-generated content (UGC), driving the popularity of campaigns that incorporate photo-sharing and other shared content.

    The Dailybreak Brand Engagement Survey polled consumers across age groups, including Millennials, Gen X’ers, baby boomers, and those over the age of 68. By asking respondents how frequently they share photos or video online, as well as polling them on which types of sources they find most credible, Dailybreak gained critical insights into which groups regularly share UGC and the valuable role friends’ social media posts play in shaping their opinions.

    Almost 70 percent of respondents to the Dailybreak Brand Engagement Survey said they share pictures or video online “once in a while,” and nearly 11 percent do so “all the time.” Although Generation X members, ages 35–48, are the heaviest sharers, a majority of those across all generations post pictures or video “once in a while” or “all the time” with similar frequency, including those over the age of 68. The survey also revealed that Facebook leads daily social media usage across all generations. Fifty-three percent use Facebook at least once daily, far more than any other social network. Fifty-nine percent of respondents judged their friends’ social posts to be moderately or very credible. Generationally, Gen X’ers are the heaviest daily users of all social media except Snapchat, which is predominantly used by Millennials.

    “Today’s advertising campaigns are likely to fail if they’re static, standalone executions that don’t drive consumers to engage with the brand beyond a cursory glance,” says John Federman, chairman and CEO of Dailybreak Media. “Through the implementation of gamified campaigns, whereby brands introduced a mechanism encouraging users to share content, we see that today’s consumers want deeper engagement with the brands they love. With the right platform in place, content sharing is seamless, credibility is established, and viral distribution is practically guaranteed.”

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