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    Republicans Spend More at Domino's

  • Industry News October 22, 2008
    For the third consecutive week, Republicans participating in the Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll, launched Oct. 7 on the company's Web site, spend more money per order than Democrats do. To date, more than 222,200 consumers have taken part in the poll. According to the 77,738 customers who participated last week:

    -- Republicans spend an average of $1.15 more per order than Democrats.

    -- 98.3 percent of Republicans ordered online last week vs. 97.9 percent of Democrats.

    -- 93.5 percent of Democrats utilized Domino's delivery service vs. 91.2 percent of Republicans. -- Republicans continue to use their credit cards more than other voters. 61.2 percent of Republicans paid with plastic vs. 56.9 percent of Democrats and 51.2 percent of people who would not identify themselves with a party affiliation or an indication of whether they plan to vote in November. -- Undecided voters ordered more sandwiches than those affiliated with one of the two major parties. 54.1 percent of Undecided voters ordered a Domino's oven baked sandwich last week vs. 53.9 percent of Republicans and 50.1 percent of Democrats.

    In the third week of Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll, the company has found that 87 percent of those responding intend to vote, up one percent over the previous week.

    Domino's Pizza will report the findings of Pizza Tracker Poll every week until Nov. 4.