ResQ, the leading modern facility management platform, announced a new internal technician management and sensors product that empowers multi-location operators to unlock insights for all their repairs and maintenance data in one place, in real time. This launch marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to decrease the total cost of repair and maintenance operations by streamlining and automating the complex world of back of house operations. On average, facilities spend 3-5% of their annual revenue on repairs and maintenance, but the cost is much higher when factoring in increased downtime when repairs aren’t handled efficiently. 

With the launch of these new offerings, ResQ’s platform becomes the only technology provider that allows operators to source and manage high quality external vendors, as well as work seamlessly with internal technicians. With the added benefit of 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring – including smart alerts and the ability to kick off a repair in seconds – brands can now monitor their food equipment, take action to keep it operational, and get valuable performance analytics all in one place.

ResQ’s new products seamlessly integrate into its comprehensive platform, which is already trusted by over 5,000 leading restaurant brands, ranging from fast-food chains to Michelin-starred establishments. 

Key features of ResQ’s internal technician management and sensors products includes:

  • Internal technician scheduling: Seamlessly assign internal staff to work orders, set recurring preventative maintenance, and track progress in real-time, ensuring efficient resolution of maintenance and equipment issues.
  • Sensor integration: Leverage smart sensor technology to monitor critical equipment in real-time, automatically ensuring no food inventory lost due to temperature or humidity changes.
  • Automated alerts – Get alerts for unexpected shifts in temperature and humidity, and keep detailed logs to ensure health code compliance.

“As a former operator myself, I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars due to equipment malfunctioning and issues not being resolved quickly,” said Kuljeev Singh, Founder and CEO at ResQ. “With the launch of our internal technician management and sensors product, operators can proactively monitor their equipment and dispatch internal or external vendors, all while getting the data they need to run their back of house operations.”

Brands like Nobu, Lariat Lodge Brewery, and Handcrafted Hospitality are already adopting ResQ’s newest technology: “I’m excited about sensors so we do not lose product and get notifications when temperatures get out of control,” said Grant Teason, Director of Culinary Operations at Lariat Lodge.

ResQ has established itself as a key player in the back of house technology space, empowering businesses to operate more efficiently with a clear line of sight into managing their total cost of repairs and maintenance operations.

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