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    Restaurant Science Releases 2013 Wine-By-the-Glass Study

  • Industry News November 12, 2013

    Restaurant Sciences LLC, an independent firm that tracks food and beverage product sales throughout the foodservice industry in North America, released its annual Wine-By-the-Glass Price Study, revealing several shifts in wine-by-the-glass popularity in the first three quarters of 2013. For the first time, Pinot Noir surpassed Merlot in wine-by-the-glass sales. While on-premise patrons preferred Chardonnay for white and Cabernet Sauvignon for red, blended wines increased market share for both whites and reds.

    "Pinot Noir wine-by-the-glass sales continued to soar," says Chuck Ellis, president and CEO of Restaurant Sciences LLC. "We also saw blended reds make a strong showing and Muscato crack the top five wines-by-the-glass compared to 2012 preferences. American diners cooled to Red Zinfandel, as they are increasingly selecting blended reds and Malbecs by the glass."

    Americans were willing to pay a hefty price for wine when they go out with average wine-by-the glass prices ranging from $5.49 for Muscato at family dining establishments to $13.75 a glass for Chenin Blanc at hotel bars. Restaurant Sciences analyzed 30 million guest checks from January 2013 through October 2013 at all full-service restaurant segments, bars, nightclubs, and hotel bars.