Restaurant Systems International, who launched the nation’s first frozen yogurt chain, Everything Yogurt, is achieving success once more with the launch of their two latest food concepts; Greenleaf’s Grille and Treat Street. The company will launch fifteen franchised stores in the U.S. this winter and have applications for dozens more to open in the spring and summer 2000.

“We have achieved success with these initiatives. They incorporate a mix of several concepts under one umbrella, so franchisees have the potential to be more profitable than they could be with a single concept,” reports Tom Romano, Restaurant Systems president.

Restaurant Systems has been in the foodservice industry for more than twenty-five years and has been called the pioneer of co-branding. Greenleaf’s and Treat Street have each joined several chains into one. Treat Street is a combination of Everything Yogurt, a juice bars/smoothie outfit previously called Bananas, and Gretel’s Pretzels. Greenleaf’s Grille combines a yogurt concept, a salad cafe, and adds grilled menu items, paninis and wraps. The combinations all under one consistent theme seem to be the formula for franchisee success.

Having added nearly fifty franchised concepts throughout the U.S., Restaurant Systems’ exponential growth this year looks to be a strong indicator of the restaurants’ considerable potential. The company’s headquarters are in Staten Island, New York.