Industry News | January 14, 2013

Revel Rolls Out First EMV Processing for iPad POS

Revel Systems, the leader in iPad point-of-sale solutions, announces it has become the first iPad point-of-sale (POS) system to provide EMV compatibility (device that allows the new standard of “chip and PIN” cards to allow processing on a point-of-sale system) in the United States in anticipation of upcoming deadlines for EMV certification and PCI compliance that could potentially cost business owners thousands of dollars in fees and fines.

With credit card fraud on the rise and standards set to change over the next few years, Revel Systems is leading the movement aimed at boosting security and global interoperability with integrated circuit (IC) cards and increasing the flexibility and customization that Revel’s customers have come to expect for their retail, restaurant, and grocery store iPad POS systems.

“The industry at large is faced with a major need to reduce credit card fraud and increase security. Revel Systems is the first to anticipate impending changes for industry standards for point-of-sale,” says Revel’s co-founder and CTO Chris Ciabarra. “Integrating directly with EMV readers is the logical next step for us to provide the most innovative technology solutions to our customers and also give them the surest and most secure means to reach EMV certification by the 2016 deadline. To kick things off, we’re successfully up and running in the U.S. and Australia—a first for a tablet POS system.”
While EMV has been a global standard for reading and using IC cards – also known as “chip and PIN” cards – with POS systems and ATMs in much of the world for some time now, it is new to the U.S. markets. This announcement by Revel Systems for direct POS integration with EMV-enabled products in the United States as well as Australia is a move that marks the initial steps of a plan to eventually integrate with all major EMV providers. Specifically, the company’s integration into payment solutions includes providers Ingenico Group and Australia-based Quest Payment Systems, with VeriFone Systems, the Genius platform and Tyro Payments to follow soon. The company also plans EMV integration in the UK, the EU, and Japan.
What Business Owners Should Know About EMV:
Named for the integrated security chip and required user PIN number at the point of purchase, chip and PIN cards are considered a more secure payment processing method for both credit and debit cards than the magnetic swipe, which is currently the U.S. standard. Unlike magnetic swipes, chip and PIN cards cannot easily be hacked by computer codes, while the PIN number prevents employee theft and card-capturing fraud.
Until now, Revel Systems—like other tablet POS providers—required external hardware for EMV reading, which was slower and did not integrate directly into the POS. Now, however, Revel iPad POS systems will speak directly with EMV devices, with reporting and tracking functions built directly into the Revel backend management console. “Direct integration can save over 30 seconds per transaction, which can equate to huge time and money savings for high-volume clients,” Ciabarra added.
Important Deadlines to Remember:
Visa, MasterCard, and others have put together a list of dates and deadlines for the universal adoption requirements for U.S. vendors, as follows:
Effective 1 April, 2013 – Visa will require VisaNet acquirer processors to ensure that their systems support merchant EMV chip acceptance. 
Effective 2016 – All MasterCard compatible ATMs will be required to be EMV compliant, and all merchants will be expected to have EMV terminals. Visa and MasterCard will be placing the burden of EMV implementation on the merchant, requiring all merchants to have EMV-enabled hardware by 2016, with hefty fines on all non-adopters that get hacked or have lapses in credit card security.
These new standards mandate that for as little as a few hundred dollars, merchants can invest in EMV-enabled systems that would completely remove the need for PCI compliance in businesses. Visa similarly announced that merchants processing 95 percent of transactions through chip and PIN readers by 2015 would no longer need to maintain PCI compliance. PCI compliance, the current credit card security standard for U.S. businesses, costs thousands of dollars a year, with very hefty fines on non-compliant merchants.


I make it a point to put the security of my customers datafirst, and its thrilling to hear that Revel Systems EMV integration does justthat. It also sounds like a very efficient, as well as reliable, way to processpayments.

My employees and I have always found Revel Systems soaccessible and easy to use. This recent move towards EMV compatibility followsin this veinit will be a time saving measure as well as offer a secure andreliable way to process customer payments.

Because Revel Systems is already such a populariPad POS solution, it wouldnt surprise me if this move toward EMVcompatibility also builds awareness about the overall security benefits EMVprovides.

Revel Systems has been such a forerunner withPOS , it doesnt surprise me that they are also leading the way with customerdata security. I use it in my retail store, and I fully agree with the articlesclaim that customers come to expect a degree of flexibility and customization.This move towards EMV integration is in the same line of thoughtRevelcontinues to meet, and exceed, my expectations.

"invest in EMV-enabled systems that would completely remove the need for PCI compliance in businesses". Novel concept, except that the statement is 100% false. EMV reduces card-present fraud, and is not a replacement for PCI, which is meant to protect data before its stolen. Both have value, but serve very different purposes. And although the card brands are reducing the need to VALIDATE pci compliance, the requirement to be PCI compliant remains, whether or not EMV terminals are deployed.

It is amazing Revel Systems scooped the big guys and pulled off EMV. However, I just read the comments here and saw that Revel Systems spammed the discussion with made-up customers heaping praise on themselves. That's so pathetic! Let your technology speak for itself!

It is nice to know this information. It is indeed amazing how technology could do such things. This made me wonder of what else to expect in the coming years.

Revel pos is just awful. I've chosen the Smart POS
It works great for two years, I didn't experience any problems with it.

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