Revel Systems, a leader in iPad point-of-sale (POS) solutions, announced a new bitcoin integration that makes accepting bitcoin easier than ever. Users of the Revel POS can now accept bitcoins as payment, giving its customers even more ways to pay. Revel is currently the only major POS platform that has embraced bitcoin as a payment option for enterprise and small businesses.

“Digital currency is the wave of the future,” says Chris Ciabarra, Revel Systems CTO and cofounder. “As the standard in point-of-sale, we like to provide our customers with more ways to take advantage of consumer payment trends and supply a platform in which to take them, and that includes configuring our system to accept bitcoin.”

Revel Systems is announcing a new bitcoin integration, making it even easier for Revel POS users to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Revel is working with bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase to provide a hardware/software solution that allows users to seamlessly accept bitcoin into the current Revel iPad POS.  The Revel app has already been submitted to the Android store, and an iOS app has been submitted to the Apple app store.

“We like to give our clients options,” says Lisa Falzone, CEO and cofounder of Revel Systems. “We listen to their feature requests and take those into account when releasing a new build. Furthermore, we stay on top of industry trends, and we’re ready for whatever’s next in terms of payments. By giving our customers even more ways to accept payments, Revel gives them the freedom and opportunity to take advantage of trends and subsequently profit from them.”

Many people may still be wondering how this transaction works. When a customer is paying with bitcoin, a QR code will pop up on the POS screen of the Revel iPad POS. A customer will then scan this QR code with their smartphone using a bitcoin wallet app, completing the transaction. Revel Systems provides users the flexibility to accept any kind of payment, bitcoin or otherwise. The bitcoin integration will provide Revel users with an easy and effective way of accepting bitcoins at their store.