Revel Systems Inc. has launched the latest feature in its innovative point-of-sale (POS) technology called "Kiosk Mode" – the world's first consumer-facing point-of-sale iPad kiosk system.


This mode, built exclusively by Revel Systems, turns the customer-facing Apple iPad into a kiosk, which allows customers to place their own order and pay for the product at the kiosk.


The unmanned customer-facing kiosk can save storeowners $50,000 – $100,000 in labor costs each year. For larger stores with more iPad kiosks, the savings will be even greater. 


After launching the Revel Systems Kiosk Mode in Twistee Treat locations across Florida, the ice cream shop President of Twistee Treat USA, Corey Balzer, says, "I suspected there would be a learning curve with the iPad station, but users just walked right up to the iPad and started ordering as if they had done it before. The system is very intuitive, and I see it going really far."

All of Twistee Treat's quick service restaurants will now carry a customer-facing kiosk machine powered by Revels' iPad POS system that allows customers to order their ice cream using a customer-facing iPad kiosk as well as pay at the kiosk using a credit card or gift card.

In the event of a cash sale, the kiosk will hold the sale via the POS system, and the customer can then pay a Twistee Treat employee. Kiosk Mode will also send an email receipt to the customer before they collect their order.  

The customer facing kiosks' level of being extremely user-friendly was evident at the Twistee Treat launch, where users of all ages, from children to the elderly, were able to place their orders with minimal difficulty.

Revel's goal is to have one system that controls the whole QSR or table service market. Total integration is possible with Revel's iPad POS system.

Kiosk Mode and digital menu boards are fully integrated into Revel's already existing POS system and back-end reporting.

With this technology, merchants can update the customer facing kiosk machines and the digital menu boards via their POS menu. Merchants can then accurately track sales and inventory data.

Revel Systems CEO, Lisa Falzone, says, "Revel invites all the restaurants and retail shops to investigate how a customer-facing kiosk machine can help their bottom line.  Revel Systems is here to help the market place operate more efficiently and effectively."

Kiosk Mode is just the latest innovation from Revel Systems that allows merchants to save time and money, while improving customer service. Plans to roll the system out to additional customers nationwide are in the works.

Revel Systems is an iOS hybrid, cloud-based, point-of-sale system for restaurants and retail establishments that is a dream for chain owners, enabling them to see their data in real time from any location.


The iPad connects to receipt printers, kitchen printers, kitchen display systems, digital menu boards, scales, and coin dispensers. 


Based in San Francisco, Calif., the company has developed a quick, intuitive and secure mobile POS system that combines cloud-based technology with the mobility of the iPad.


It is fully customizable with payroll, inventory tracking, web ordering, email receipts, and features integration with social media companies including Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. For more information, please visit

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