HungerRush Online Ordering, a provider of remote ordering technologies for the restaurant industry, recently partnered with Hungry Howie’s Pizza.

Revention Inc. is dominating the POS market by engineering custom solutions that incorporate today’s technology standards. Revention introduced the HungerRush Online Ordering solution in early 2008. Revention’s investment in each customer ensures that customers will achieve a higher level of success by streamlining their business and increasing their profitability. Revention’s commitment to the success has resulted in growth for both Revention and its customers.

Revention’s dedication to success made the transition to the online ordering market a natural next step. Says Revention CEO Jeff Doyle, “Revention’s history of providing cutting-edge technology solutions for restaurant owners and operators made our decision to develop a complete online ordering solution a no-brainer. HungerRush has already seen proven success, helping many of our largest customers attract new business and enjoy increased revenue. Revention’s HungerRush Team is poised to make the HungerRush Online Ordering Product our most successful restaurant application to date.”

Revention and HungerRush share Hungry Howie’s desire to grow and succeed, making the partnership one made in revenue heaven. Since the launch of HungerRush, Al Newman, Hungry Howie’s Area Director, conducted a group test in the metro-Detroit area and received over 300 web orders just in the first four weeks. Participating stores experienced an impressive average ticket increase of 19 percent over orders placed at the store. Of the orders that have been placed online, 60 percent have been for delivery and a surprising 40 percent have been for in-store pick-up. The new customer rate is astounding, with over 70 percent of the HungerRush orders coming from first-time Hungry Howie’s customers! At a cost of less than $1.65 per day, HungerRush offers a return on investment that is the envy of the online ordering market.

Revention’s fully integrated Hunger Rush online ordering module is a robust solution that can run independently or in conjunction with operators’ existing POS systems. HungerRush Online Ordering functions as an additional employee without the associated costs, allowing owners to increase sales while reducing today’s ever-increasing labor expenses.

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