Revention, a leader in providing custom point of sale solutions to the hospitality industry, has announced its release of its new Advanced Delivery module, which includes integrated Google Enterprise Mapping. Google Maps is the fastest, most reliable mapping engine available today. The integration provides a seamless transition of the delivery geofence shared between the point of sale, the HungerRush online ordering site, and the mobile ordering applications.
Revention’s new Delivery Dispatch module includes easily accessible metrics, such as Google-calculated estimated drive time based on current traffic conditions, as compared to driver’s actual drive time. Managers can quickly determine performance and customer service problems based on late return indications on the dispatch screen. A store’s delivery area and delivery zones can quickly be modified and updated to all ordering channels within minutes.
Revention is also tracking the mileage for each driver run based on Google’s recommend route for the delivery. Detailed reports are available to track mileage by driver, driver performance, and variance between estimated drive time and actual drive time for individual orders.
“Our customers are really excited about this release,” says Laura J. Gaudin, Revention’s director of product management. “The synchronization of delivery area between all ordering channels is key to creating the best customer experience when ordering delivery. The metrics we can now provide is an added bonus, but the result is an exceptional return of actionable data.”
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