Revention, a leader in providing custom point-of-sale solutions to the hospitality industry, releases its new EMV Secure Payment software solution. The EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) initiative provides a more secure method of processing credit cards with the embedded chip technology. Adopting the new solution will protect merchants from the liability shift of card present chip card transactions.

EMV is only part of Revention’s new Secure Payment solution. The new solution with the EMV PIN pads includes the ability to process NFC contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay (formerly known as Google Wallet), as well as PIN debit cards. The point of sale will no longer have access to payment card data, greatly reducing the merchant’s PCI compliancy requirements.

“The EMV liability shift was the initial driving force behind the development of Revention’s new secure payment solution, but removing payment card data from the point of sale is by far the greatest benefit,” says Laura J. Gaudin, Revention’s director of product management. “We expect our customers to adopt the new solution quickly to take advantage of the new payment options as well as reduce their PCI compliancy requirements.”

Revention began accepting orders for the new EMV Secure Payment solution on October 15.