In keeping with the company’s forward-thinking approach to all aspects of the industry, Revention Point of Sale Solutions is poised to roll out its most ambitious sales campaign to date – a nationwide Point of Sale Buyback Program. The premise is simple, but the effects of the program are expected to be extensive and wide ranging.


Revention’s National Point of Sale Buyback Program allows for restaurateurs to receive up to $15,000 for trading in their current POS technology for a Revention system. Eligible equipment for trade-in includes any and all POS and POS related technology – regardless of make, model, or provider.

“The biggest obstacle restaurants and bars face when trying to switch POS vendors is their current investment in old technology,” says Jesse Mund, Revention’s director of sales. “This new program is designed to alleviate that stress and allow existing restaurants to take advantage of the newest technology. The program has proven extremely successful regionally. To date, we’ve exceeded $1 million in trade-in value with our Regional Buyback Program. We’re excited to roll this campaign out nationally and expect to buy back over $10 million in used point of sale systems over the next 12 months.”