Revention’s online ordering mobile application has recently been enhanced to include more features than ever before. Enhanced features have been added for both customer and merchant, making updated functionality beneficial to both parties.


The HungerRush mobile app now includes a quick 4-button re-order process—if a customer has placed an order in the past using the app, the re-order process will literally take the push of four buttons to complete their next order. This enhanced 4-keystroke feature takes the convenience and speed of mobile app ordering to a new level.


The HungerRush mobile app will now save a customer’s credit card number for future use, making placing orders even faster. The app is now more secure with added encryption, making it extremely safe for the credit card number to be saved. Other new features for the customer include Favorite Orders, which saves the customer’s most frequently placed order for fast and easy recall in the future, and Multiple Addresses, which allows the app to associate more than one delivery address to a single account.


Additional Android features have also been added, such as ease of access to customer account settings and scalability for phones with larger aspect ratio.


Streamlined and customized for each restaurant, it is one of the most secure and stable product on the market. To date, 100+ customized HungerRush apps have been created.


Like traditional HungerRush, the mobile app will send orders directly to the Revention POS located in the restaurant. The app flows seamlessly and logically steps the customer through all aspects of the ordering process. It works hand in hand with the HungerRush Online Ordering site, so that customers who are already using a restaurant’s online ordering platform are instantly ready to order from the mobile app, too. On both ends of the spectrum – from the customer’s order to the restaurant’s completion of that order – the entire process is streamlined, easy to use, and faster than ever before with Revention’s feature-rich HungerRush mobile app.

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