Industry News | April 1, 2011

The Revolution Begins at Papa Murphy's

Papa Murphy’s wants to revolutionize the pizza industry—so much so that it’s inviting customers to “join the revolution” with its newest marketing campaign.

The take ‘n bake pizza chain announced that it will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a new tagline and marketing campaign that will pour as much as $35 million into attracting new customers and building loyalty with existing ones.

Jenifer Anhorn, chief marketing officer for Papa Murphy’s, says the company is going all out with the new campaign, which centers on the tagline “Join the Take ‘N’ Bake Revolution.”

“We feel like this is a really long-term platform for us, it’s not just a broadcast campaign that’s in and out,” Anhorn says. “It’ll be incorporated into every point of consumer contact.”

Those points of consumer contact include traditional print, television, and radio advertisements, as well as POP materials and social media. A total of six TV commercials, which feature a new spokesman talking about Papa Murphy’s concept, are planned.

Anhorn says a big piece of the new marketing campaign is “consumer education” and showing potential customers how the take ‘n bake concept works. The East Coast is especially important to teach, she says, because Papa Murphy’s is a West Coast–based concept that is just now starting to crack some of the markets along the Atlantic.

“They don’t understand how it works … and this is a distinctly different way of approaching pizza,” Anhorn says. “It’s not only trying to get our brand name out there and get trial, but we’re trying to say this is a new way of enjoying one of your favorite family meals.”

Papa Murphy’s will, of course, measure the sales success of the new marketing campaign, but Anhorn says the buzz that the “Revolution” drums up will be just as important.

“We want [customers] to choose us over anybody else,” she says. “We’re hoping for a lot of loyalty, and of course we want our consumers to feel as passionately about it as we do. [Success will be] the social media buzz and building loyalty with our existing customers and getting them excited about Papa Murphy’s.”

By Sam Oches

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