Beautiful Brands International announced the signing of an agreement with the Muscogee Creek Nation’s MNBE division to open potentially 500 original Rex’s Chicken locations in 35 states. This agreement taps the Muscogee Nation Business Enterprise (MNBE) as lead Master Franchisee for this development deal.

“I’m thrilled to be the strategic master franchisee for original Rex’s Chicken in 35 United States,” MNBE CEO Woody Anderson says. “The better chicken space is wide open, growing, and we believe fast casual is here to stay. Add the proven 40-year history of Rex’s Chicken resonating with our customers, potential franchisees, and you have a winning franchise model.”

“We have 40 groups ready to sign up with our brand and dozens of franchise operators who are looking to get out of current underperforming saturated franchise systems,” says David Rutkauskas, Rex’s CEO. “The response Woody and I received in Vegas during the Native American Business convention in March with our potential tribal partners was so encouraging.”

MNBE purchased the rights to expand original Rex’s Chicken within the major eight counties of the Muscogee Creek Nation tribal jurisdiction in August of 2013. “Our plans initially were to open in Travel plazas but after strategic planning, months spent with Rex’s owners David & Camille, seeing their vision and experience it become clear our board of directors wanted to expand our relationship,” MNBE CFO Vivian Pope says.

The newest 3,200-square-foot original Rex’s Chicken 3.0 location will open in April in a freestanding building shared with Edmond, Oklahoma-based Jimmy’s Egg’s at 11982 S. Memorial Drive in Bixby, Oklahoma. The newest store features a drive thru, digital technology, and pioneering fast casual innovations

Founded in 1976 in Oklahoma, original Rex’s Chicken rebirth came when Rutkauskas obtained the rights to Rex’s in 2008 after the last original stores closed in the 1990’s and all trademarks had subsided.

“We re-established Rex’s in the middle of the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 when people were less likely to take any business risks,” Rutkauskas says. “Now, nine years later, we’re so excited to be experiencing this incredible breakthrough and the opportunity to grow with the MNBE and their skilled leadership.

“It is gratifying to spend nine years focused on a singular goal, and see original Rex’s Chicken grow into something we knew it could be. This is what I love about being a patient entrepreneur, never giving up, and following your heart,” Rutkauskas says. “This clearly is the biggest deal of my 25 year career.”

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