Richard Elliott has acquired the operations of his former company Techknow, Inc., taking the reigns as president, CEO and owner, with his new company Techknow, LLC. This change took effect on August 3. Elliott has been the president and force behind the product innovation and excellent service at Techknow for the past four years.

Techknow will continue its progressive product development while listening to the current and future needs of its quick-service top ten brands and those on the rise. Our original and first to market timer solution, supporting standard induction loops at the order points and wireless at the Pay and Present Window, Pull Forward and Mobile Parking position (Patent Pending), is regarded as a gamechanger for the drive-thru industry. Stores adopting this new system can have up to 50 wireless loop locations. The wireless system can be installed without shutting down the drive-thru thus saving franchisees an entire day of revenue.

In addition to the timer, the Solution includes a Scoreboard.  The Scoreboard gamifies the drive-thru windows thus turning work into a friendly competitive area for employees and an increased revenue stream for owners. Techknow proactively monitors the systems enabling franchisees to focus on operations versus requiring IT management.

“Techknow was again first to market with a 32” Order Confirmation Board. The 32” panel is large enough to post limited time promotions, expanded product descriptions as well as posting caloric content,” says Elliott.

“We are setting a new standard in the industry for efficiency, accuracy and analytics which translates into an increased bottom line for franchisees and a simpler superior experience for customers.”

Techknow LLC develops and manufactures hardware, including order confirmation boards (OCBs), drive-thru timers and software solutions for drive-thru operations in the quick-service industry in national and international markets.

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