RJ Russo announced the first factory-built building unit for Dutch Bros. Coffee is in transit to Gresham, Oregon, scheduled for placement Thursday October 10.

RJ Russo has formed a strategic alliance and partnership under contract with Dutch Bros. Coffee to advance the modular designs and placements of factory-built building units in lieu of traditional construction.  The collaboration features Dutch Bros. Coffee, RJ Russo as well as Luna Design and Construction. RJ Russo is able to create the vision of a factory-built building that fulfills the design aesthetic of Dutch Bros. Coffee, as well as the expansion goals of the Dutch Bros. Coffee brand.

RJ Russo constructs factory-built buildings and modular components out of steel and sustainable products. This provides for more environmentally-friendly structures. Wood and other deteriorating products are eliminated in order to maximize life span of the units and hold up to harsh interior and exterior environments.

RJ Russo is set to donate to $1,000 to each community for every building manufactured and delivered.  An interesting addition to the matchup includes an incentive to give back to the local communities where these factory-built coffee shops will be located.  RJ Russo is aligned with Dutch Bros. Coffee in supporting the local communities we serve. 

“We wanted to give back to the community as a way to say thank you for the great opportunity to partner with Dutch Bros. Coffee,” Donn Kaebisch, RJ Russo Business Development Manager, says.

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