Industry News | October 30, 2012

Robeks Blends Up Trio of Greek Yogurt Smoothie Offerings

Greek yogurt has been filling up and flying off grocery store shelves for the past few years. By some industry estimates, Greek yogurt now accounts for 25 percent of the yogurt sold in the United States.

The reason: Greek yogurt is healthy—even better than regular yogurt, with more protein, less sugar, less sodium, and fewer calories. Americans are quick to recognize a valuable new superfood, and so is Robeks.

Robeks has unveiled three new smoothies made with premium Greek yogurt. It’s another industry first for Robeks, which introduced smoothie bowls last year and has rolled out an expanded menu of fresh vegetable juices this year.

“Our guests are looking to optimize their health, and Greek yogurt allows us to offer even more nutritional benefits while still maintaining great taste,” says Robeks CEO Steve Davidson.

The Greek yogurt smoothies include: Emperor Açaí, which combines Greek yogurt with açaí, strawberries, and blueberries; Strawberry Temple, with strawberries; and Spartan Berry, with blueberries.

Any other smoothie on the Robeks menu can be made using Greek yogurt, too.

The premium Greek yogurt Robeks uses has double the protein of regular yogurt, fewer carbohydrates, and is 100 percent natural.

It has a slightly tart flavor and smooth texture. The difference lies in a straining process that removes liquid whey and lactose, a milk sugar.

“The extra protein is great for people who want to cut down on carbs,” says Robeks chief marketing officer Chad Bailey. “It makes Greek yogurt smoothies even more filling, whether you’re having one as a meal or a healthy treat.”

Robeks has been helping people eat better since 1996 by providing on-the-go smoothies and juices using only naturally ripened fruit and vegetables. The Greek yogurt smoothies join a menu that already features dozens of choices.

Robeks has 119 locations in the U.S. and Japan.

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