Robeks fresh juices and smoothies franchise is taking its cues from the summer growing season and rolling out three new menu items in July that feature melon and mint. The company's restaurants will offer two raw smoothies and a fresh-squeezed, raw juice creation. In many markets, locally grown fruits and produce will be used.

“With these refreshing summer menu choices, we are keeping in step with our motto at Robeks: ‘Healthy never tasted this good,’” says Chad Bailey, chief marketing officer at Robeks. “We’re bringing customers as close to the farm and garden as possible with fresh ingredients at their absolute peak.”

The three LTOs, which will be available until September 28, include the Cantaloupe Cooler, which features cantaloupe and mint with pineapple chunks, orange and pineapple sherbet, and a splash of apple juice. The Wailea Watermelon is made with watermelon and mint, strawberries, pineapple chunks, raspberry and pineapple sherbet, and a splash of apple juice. Mojito Melon, Robeks’ newest juice creation, is made with seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, and chopped mint leaves.

The Wailea Watermelon smoothie was a hit with Robeks customers during a multi-store sampling of the product last year, becoming the most popular and most talked about smoothie at Robeks’ test locations.

“The flavor profiles of these products are exceptional,” Bailey says. “Plus, eating seasonally appropriate fruits and vegetables can also maximize nutritional intake and support local economies. When it comes right down to it, fresh melon is one of summer’s simple joys, and we’ve come up with three creative ways to maximize its sweet, juicy taste.”


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