Robeks, a premium smoothie and juice franchise that has been on the forefront of healthy eating trends for nearly 20 years, has given its menu a major overhaul.

The 118-store franchise system rolled out a new menu in January that features 20 new products, including:

• Smoothies made with Greek yogurt, which has twice as much protein and fewer carbohydrates than regular yogurt. Robeks is the first franchise to offer Greek yogurt in smoothies.

• Kale smoothies and juices, which have quickly become popular by giving customers a way to experience the leafy, green superfood.

• New vegetable juices, which pack impressive amounts of nutrients into a fresh, low-calorie, low-sugar drink.

• New functional performance smoothies which use specific fruits, vegetables, and nutritional boosts combined to deliver custom-designed liquid nutrition.

The changes are designed to appeal to more customers by expanding on the approach to health, nutrition, and taste that has made Robeks a premium brand since 1996.

The menu has also been reorganized into categories like “Performance,” “Power,” “Nature’s Best,” and “Fan Favorites” to help customers understand which items may best suit their needs.

The new menu has attracted new customers, raising store traffic by 5 percent.

One such customer is Casey Murphy, a 46-year-old marketing executive in San Diego. She stopped into John Yoo’s store on Camino De La Reina a couple of years ago after finishing a weeklong juice fast.

She was looking for help sustaining her fresh vegetable juice diet, but the store didn’t offer much vegetable juice at the time. Murphy was told to check back. She did in January.

“I stopped in and saw all these great juices,” she says. “I’m in every day now. It’s my breakfast on the way to work.”

Murphy has her own juicer but appreciates the convenience of going to Robeks and skipping the constant trips to the grocery store to buy ingredients, as well as the hassle of cleaning her juicer.

“It’s doesn’t actually cost much more to get my juice at Robeks, and it’s so much easier,” she says. “Plus, they’ve done a great job of finding things that combine very well. It’s just really yummy.”

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