Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies has partnered with the National Watermelon Promotion Board and is kicking off Summer this year with three innovative fresh Watermelon menu choices that invite guests to kick back and savor the flavor of the season.

Now through Labor Day weekend all Robeks locations will feature Watermelon Acai Bowl, Wailea Watermelon Smoothie, and the radical wake-me-up Watermelon Shot – Watermelon juice, Lemon, Agave, in a cup rimmed with cayenne pepper.

“Summertime is here and we’ve got the official taste good, feel good fruit of the season in three amazing recipes,” says Mitch Baker, Robeks Vice President of Marketing. “We own Summer when it comes to healthy, great tasting smoothies and bowls and these Watermelon products solidify that message.”

Watermelon Acai Bowl

When we launched Robeks in the early nineties, we were one of the first in the juice and smoothie segment to offer a fairly new item called Acai.  Since then, we set the standard with some of the most creative and best tasting Acai bowls around. This season we took it up a notch with the amazing Watermelon Acai bowl.  Paired with antioxidant packed Acai and Strawberry, and topped with fresh Watermelon, Pineapple and granola, it’s the perfect cure for summertime heat. Add an infusion of fresh Lime juice in fresh Watermelon cubes and the flavor is even more unique, especially after it is drizzled with Agave.

Wailea Watermelon Smoothie

Our fan favorite, classic summer smoothie awaits. Watermelon’s distinct low-calorie pink juice blends beautifully with antioxidant-filled fruits like Strawberry and Pineapple. Add some crushed Mint and you have a fragrant drink packed with flavor, Vitamins and Minerals. 

Watermelon Shot

Fresh Watermelon & Lemon juice with a touch of Agave and some added Cayenne on the rim for a little kick. Its finished off with a refreshing wedge of Watermelon.

So how healthy can something be that tastes as good as fresh Watermelon? Consider this:

  • The Vitamin C in fresh Watermelon can help to bolster the immune system’s defense and can help   protect the body from harmful free radicals.
  • Drinking Watermelon juice before an intense workout can help reduce next-day muscle soreness.
  • Nutritionally, Watermelons contain high levels of Vitamin B6 which may increase
  • As far as fruits go, Watermelon is one of the lowest in calories – only 46 calories per cup.

With more than 85 locations nationwide, Robeks continues to grow and expand its reach throughout the U.S.

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