Industry News | May 10, 2012

Robot Coupe Debuts Vertical Cutter-Mixers at NRA Show

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The Robot Coupe R8 and R15 Vertical Cutter-Mixers introduced at the NRA Show come with a stock-pot shaped stainless steel bowl with an adjustable three-knife blade assembly, enabling efficient processing from 16 ounces to 14 pounds in one load.   

For added processing flexibility and versatility, both of these units will accommodate a stainless steel mini bowl with knife assembly as an option. The R8U has both the 3.5-quart mini bowl assembly and the eight-quart stainless steel bowl, while the R15U comes with a four-quart mini bowl assembly in addition to its 15-quart stainless steel bowl. 

The R8 and R15 also come equipped with a safety feature that prevents the operation of the machine unless bowl and lid are properly locked into position, while a transparent lid to allow the user to view progress and a lid funnel to allow the addition of ingredients during processing.

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