Industry News | June 28, 2013

Robot Coupe Slices and Dices

With Robot Coupe’s CL50 Gourmet you can achieve gourmet brunoise cuts and hard-to-achieve waffle cuts. The CL50Gourmet produces perfect dices—2x2x2mm, 3x3x3 mm, and 4x4x4m—in no time. Perfect diced products that are beautiful in just seconds. The hard-to-produce waffle cuts provide quality, consistent waffle cuts in minutes in two sizes—four mm and six mm.


Additionally, the CL50 Gourmet will perform all your other food-processing needs—slice, shred, grate, French fry, and julienne in a large variety of sizes with Robot Coupe’s 44 available discs. When you partner with the CL50 Gourmet, you can process up to 2000 servings in just three hours.

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