Stellar Pizza, the world’s first robotics-powered mobile pizza restaurant, announces the launch of an equity crowdfunding campaign, giving pizza lovers around the globe an opportunity to invest in the future of food.

Since its debut in Southern California in early 2023, Stellar Pizza has seen an overwhelming amount of interest to invest in the start-up, which was founded by former SpaceX engineers on a mission to democratize access to high-quality, affordable foods. Within six months of operations, Stellar Pizza captured the hearts and stomachs of over 12,000 customers, and its trucks have served more than 48,000 pizzas to date. Due to the incredible support from the community as well as the team’s industry leading expertise, Stellar Pizza previously raised over $25 Million in Series A and Seed funding, backed by leading venture capital firms Marcy Venture Partners, Root Ventures, Crosslink Capital, and Collaborative Fund.

Today, Stellar Pizza is launching a community round on Wefunder – the largest crowdfunding investment platform that offers SEC regulated fundraising – to provide access to new investors. Aligned with Stellar Pizza’s core values, Wefunder’s mission is to democratize venture capital by directly connecting startups with individual and non-accredited investors.

“The most common question I have gotten the last year is how can I invest?” says CEO, Benson Tsai. “For a long time, early-stage start-up investing has not been accessible to the public, and I’m excited to change that today. At Stellar Pizza, we believe pizza is for everyone and we should all be able to own a slice of the pie!” 

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